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Entrepreneurial Services

In the modern business world the entrepreneur faces many challenges.  To successfully grow a profitable business in today's complex environment it is essential to have skills or professional support in finance, sales, marketing, operations and human resources.

At Harrison Partners we have developed suite of entrepreneur services to help you grow your business and maximise your profits. These include:

  • Monthly and quarterly management accounts: We prepare regular financial reports to enable you to track your progress against budget, identify trends and find profit opportunities. 

  • Cash flow forecasting:  We can provide your business with a cash flow forecast and regular cash flow statements to ensure that your working capital is managed effectively and to assess the impact of business decisions on your bank account.

  • App advisory:  Technology is advancing at a fast pace and we ensure that our clients utilise the best technology for their needs, enabling them to automate tasks and streamline their operations and workflows.

  • Design and implementation of financial controls: We will review your controls and processes and provide improvements and enhancements that ensure your business is efficient and protected from fraud and error.

  • Product and service costing: This product assesses the profitability of individual product, contracts and services, so you can make effective decisions around pricing and informed decisions as to which contracts / services to expand and which to withdraw.

  • Advice and support in driving profitability through the application of lean manufacturing and kaizen techniques to your industry.

  • Transaction support:  We will support you in the acquisition of target businesses through a range of services such as due diligence and sale and purchase agreement vetting.


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